Sunday, March 25, 2018

It's the Only Place I Have to Live In

I have created my own physical activity trifecta.

My very own hat trick:

The Bike

The Swim

The Orange Theory

I KNOW! It's so very trendy right now. It's the cult of the Orange Theory and I have to say they got me. They got me by my expanding biceps.

Seriously, I now have biceps. I came home the other day and flexed my arm in front of Hubs. And he said "Well look at that. I see a muscle."

My body is far from perfect. I have a knee that hates me, my very own neuro-muscular condition that has me on meds and other issues that any 47 year old fights.

But it is mine. And it works. And when I think of the many things I am grateful for in this world, this flawed, functioning body of mine is one.

Yesterday at Orange Theory, I climbed up on the bike (because I can't run on the treadmill....silly knee) and I stared back at myself as I started to pedal. We are gearing up for our silent auction and my Mito Peeps are on my mind.

I thought of Sammers, my brother, our kiddos, our adults.....our people whose bodies can't work like they should.

This body is all I have. It's all any of us have. Be so grateful it gets you out of bed, walks you to the bathroom, gets you to work......climbs you on a bike at Orange Theory.

I am now twenty minutes into my workout, super slimy with sweat, my heart rate has gone beyond the orange zone to the red and I think I might just be a tad pukey.

And I love it.

I love this beating heart. I love that I smell like a high school gym locker. I love that this body works.

This old lady, wonky knee, can't-sneeze-without peeing myself  body.

In less than two weeks we will break bread and pour a glass of grape in honor and in memory of our Loves whose bodies are starved for energy- whose bodies want to be more; Our Mitochondrial Community.

Join us on the 7th. If for the only reason that your body is good place to live.

I'll even flex a muscle :)

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