Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wherefore Heart Thou?

Samantha went to the cardiologist today.

In May, she was sick with a virus and that virus affected her heart.

Pretty significantly....the heart rhythm developed a 'gallop' meaning her heart wasn't beating regularly and her valves became 'leaky'. In fact, her heartbeat was so irregular, when we tried to sedate her for a tummy procedure in May, her heart crashed.

That's no good....even a tad stressful on all parties involved....none of us do well in the ICU.

Today, after two months of heart meds and pretty good health, we took Samantha into TCH for a follow up and everything looked good.

They couldn't hear the gallop

The leaky valves in her heart no longer leaked

And her overall cardiac performance has improved.

This is good. The heart needs to be a good cardiac performer.

Because it's her heart.

Go heart, go.


Deana said...

Good news!

Rebecca said...

I love good news, especially about hearts!

Lori said...

Glad everything came back ok. Looking forward to seeming Samantha in August. Miss Lori