Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Girl Bed! By Samantha

My bed arrived last week!

It's pretty darn cool.

Remember the 'Stay Away Seizures' sign from Children's Hospital? Mama feels it's good 'juju' to have it above my bed:) But look at that cute big-girl bed!

Mama and Daddy ordered a hospital bed but Mama thought it was important that it didn't 'feel' like a hospital bed. Here it is with my friends.

Here it is without my friends. Quite a difference, eh? And a pretty beefy bed. The rails keep me from rolling out and the frame allows the bed to move up and down. I could sleep in this bed for a very long time!

This is Mama's 'master control' that moves the head and the foot of the bed up and down. It's great when I'm feeling a little stuffy to have me elevated.

This is the crank that moves the whole bed up! Kinda nice as I get bigger. It's a little easier on everyone's back.

Mama really tried to make my room just like any little girls room. Is my lamb sitting on an oxygen tank?

A girl can never have too many stuffed animals

Test results are quite positive!


Heidi said...

Congrats Sam on your big girl bed - LOVE the bedding and all your animals!! Hummm....Is someone turning 4 very soon?????? When-o- when will we see you again??? We might need a cupcake party!!!

Rebecca said...

I love your new bed Samantha!

Amanda said...

We love it Sammer.