Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Busy Life!

Mama's snoozing on the couch; probably because I've been keeping her a little busy. Fang I and Fang II wrecked havoc on my mouth and overall disposition. They also like to bother me around 3:00 in the morning...therefore they bother Mama around 3:00 too.

I've decided to let her nap on the couch. It's okay Mama, I'll handle today's post....

with pictures of me!

I have found a new hobby.

My masterpiece. I loved art therapy and worked for an hour with my hands.

Onto my career as a musician...

Lovely Laura comes once a week and sings songs to me. I've started to pitch in a bit too!

I also helped Grandma Judi celebrate her birthday!!!

I don't look great here because I was fighting another ear infection. But sitting on Grandma's lap and having a bite of Aunt Jen's fabulous cake seemed to make me feel a little better!

Happy Birthday Grandma Judi!!!! I love you oodles.


Deana said...

Teeth are a pain!! Max is losing his now, so he's a slobbering fool!

I hope you and momma get to sleep better tonight!!!

Amanda said...

Sammer, you need an easel to play with. You must come visit us for a play date and try out Ava & Aliza's...they would like that! Did momma get you that orajel?? Tell your grandma Happy Birthday from me, please?

Maria said...

Love the new pictures of you! Make sure to give your mommy a break too! They do need their sleep! Orajel worked for me as my teeth came in!

Love, Jacob

Terena said...

love the photos. you look like your having fun, Samantha.

I haven't had much time to blog, but I wanted to take a moment to say hello.