Friday, February 5, 2010

Hey, we just enjoy it. I think we think we're getting the hang of this thing you know? Keith Richards

For all of the 'what-if's' I played in my head last night, Samantha passed her medical tests today with flying colors! Pancreas, liver, kidneys all look good and we are a go to continue with the diet.

We are happy to be home and even happier that Samantha's vital organs look good. She's quite a trooper, our little girl. Today she handled contrast, I.V's, blood draws, tests and sedation with a gummy smile, just happy to be held and have her head rubbed.

Samantha has earned the dubious title as being the 'Keith Richards of Anaesthesia' from her Anesthesiologist. She has been on so many seizures meds that her body is accustomed to the effects. She woke up soon after they stopped the I.V. sedation meds and was wide recovery time....that's right....Keith Richards and my three year-old....good times.

On a note beyond our daughter's rock star lifestyle, thanks everyone for the good thoughts, prayers and suggestions in case we had to go off the Ketogenic diet. It's nice to know that where ever we are right their with us.

You've got the sun, you've got the moon and you've got the Rolling Stones -
Keith Richards


Tracy said...

yea!!!!!! so glad to read this!!!! sleep tight!

Maria said...

The best news you could have expected after a full day of testing! Sam is a true trooper as well! I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! - Maria.

Deana said...

Keith Richards of anesthesia...that makes me laugh!!

I am so so happy all her insides are looking good and you can keep with the diet that helps her!!