Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Good Day

Today was our first day of in-home music therapy. I was really hoping Samantha would like this therapy because she loves music.

But I also had my doubts....I have taken Samantha to music classes before.

And they are just okay.

Because kiddos are sitting.

And then they are marching to the music.

And then they are sitting.

And then they are pretending to be trees, swaying to the music.

And Samantha complains because she feels like she is being Mama-handled as I march her around, arrange her in a circle and then sway her like a tree. I can't blame her because truly, she is being Mama-handled.

The Mama-handling tends to override the love for music.

Today a lovely woman came to our house with a guitar and a bag full of instruments. I held Samantha as we sang You are my Sunshine We put her in comfy, supported positions so she could bang on the drum and I marveled in her toothless grin as she helped strum the guitar.

It is a wonderful feeling when we find the things that Samantha truly enjoys.

She enjoyed her music therapy.

So I cried.

And the music therapist hugged me as she was leaving.

It was just that type of session.


Deana said...

I need to find a music therapist for Max. Music is what this boy is made of. I wonder if I could just persuade the company from Opera Colorado to come sing for him once a week.

I'm so glad Samantha liked it! And got to get into it in her own way!

Lowrie said...

Beautiful story!

Tracy said...

that's fabulous! what a great post to read!

breemunger said...

That sounds like an afternoon you will need to repeat! Who knew Sam was such a musician?

Amanda said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to hear all the details. I suspected she was a little musician ;) She needs to play on Ava's keyboard next time she visits.

KatieK said...

I got chills reading this post...and have tears streaming down my face...

So glad you found something that Samantha loves!