Wednesday, July 25, 2018

This Shark, Swallow you whole

This photo was from my 40th birthday- six months after we lost Samantha.
A friend quoted it perfectly, "And then Heather opened her mouth, took all of her friends and swallowed them whole."
And I would have.
Because I was so empty.
Oh yes dear friends, swallowed you whole. Anaconda ain't got none...
But that was 8 years ago. Eight years ago when Missy Moo left us. Eight years ago today.

I still pose with an open mouth


Even in the final front of hundreds of people accepting a great big check...
Eight years later, would I still swallow you whole? Nah, I think you might be a tad chewy. Dare I say too spicy?
But more importantly, I don't need to anymore. The hunger to replace a famine in my soul has subsided, the want, desire, the miss, it is no longer so gut wrenching and desperate. Eight years later.
You all have helped me to fill that void and for that I am forever grateful.
So despite the perpetual open mouth, I no longer need to devour you.
Perhaps a nibble.

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