Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

A couple years ago hubby and I started a tradition of opening all the doors on New Year's Eve. This was to allow the old year out and let the new year in. I would cuddle with Samantha under a blanket as the cold air moved through the house.

"Is the old year out yet?"

"Not yet."


"Wait, the New Year has to come in."

"Jeez oh Pete."

Yesterday evening on our way out hubby asked me, "Do you want to open the doors when we get home?"

"No," I said.


I gave him a sheepish look, "I'm afraid she'll fly out with the old year."

"Well then, we won't. Besides, it's frigid outside." He took my hand in his and gave me a smile.

So perhaps the old year is now mixing with the new year within the confines of our house. I leave this year behind with bittersweet memories but I couldn't put words to my emotions; my dear friend Deana did it for me in an email last night........

2010 will be 'the year of Samantha' to us. It's the year we met her, Max had his special opera date with her, and the year we said good-bye. She touched our lives immeasurably, and through her beautiful life, we met and became friends

I do hope that 2011 is a year of new beginnings, new chapters, but also of easier moments of remembrance too

Thank you a year of new beginnings, new chapters and wonderful friends we have met along the way.

May 2011 be good to us all.


ferfischer said...

Happy New Year - and I couldn't agree with Deana more - I feel the same way! Love you all! Happy New Year.

Elizabeth said...

That IS beautiful. I wish you a new year full --

Maria Hopfgarten said...

Happy New Year - very true words from Deana. Much love, Maria.

Deana said...

<3 you...there will be plenty of time to air the house out. And she won't go anywhere. She can't, she's inside both of you.