Monday, September 13, 2010

She is in the Wind

A couple weeks ago I went to Redfeather Lake with my friend Laura.

We took sleeping bags and laid out on the deck to watch the many, many stars. Our galaxy looks completely different outside of the city.

"Which star do you think she is?" I asked.

"She's the bright one." We laughed because every star out in Redfeather is bright.

We went hiking the next day and stared at the amazing panorama.

"She's in the wind," Laura said.

And just then, a little breeze blew through the trees. She was right there in the wind. We chuckled at the irony and told her we were happy to have her join us on our hike.

The wind is light, airy and travels the world.

We even found her in England

My cousin
Lowrie sent this to me along with this note:

Our travels this past weekend took us to Beachy Head at the southeastern corner of England. It is part of the chalk cliffs along that part of the UK. We were 530 feet above the English Channel. Strong winds and beauty surrounded us. We seemed somehow nearer to Heaven and talked about Lance's mom, my Dad, and sweet little Samantha!

There were little pieces of the rock making these incredible cliffs scattered on the ground. So, we gathered them and made a heart for Sam.

It is most certainly an awesome spot on this earth. . . . Huge cliffs yet very fragile and ever changing. Just like us, I guess!

I think Samantha would like England. I think she would like being on top of Stormy Peak in Redfeather. I think she would like traveling on the wind.


Deana said...

This is so beautiful...she's in the wind...going round to greet everyone who loved her near and far and kissing their cheeks, letting them know she's there near them.

I think she quite likes England too!

Anonymous said...

She was at Lake Powell, too, kissing our cheeks at night, blowing hard sometimes to make sure she had our attention. Lowrie, you made me cry. I think your tribute to Samantha is lovely. I'm gonna print the picture and put it on my desk as a reminder that the love for her spans the globe.
Love, Cynde

Elizabeth said...

So beautiful -- her name on the ground, with rocks, in the wind. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Amanda said...

I must say your friend Laura is quite a friend...she has even tolerated me ;) Lovely post, thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

So beautiful! I love the photo, it is just perfect. Samantha is everywhere, I feel it too.

Lowrie said...

We are so touched you chose to share our little cliff top moment with Samantha in your writing, Heather. It was a special time for us since we couldn't be with our Colorado family. We love you very much and so enjoy the gift of words you are sharing with the world. Sam continues to touch lives through your vision!
Love, Lowrie and Lance