Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Who are these people???

One day and six years ago, hubby and I said '
I do'.

It was such a fun day.

Six years later, I wondered how we would be.....there's been a lot of sadness but there's also been some wonderful times. Ironically, I feel closer and more in love with this man than I did six years ago.

He's a good guy.

Happy Anniversary Hubby :)


Anonymous said...

I know the closeness cherish it and know it is something only you and Bart have experienced enjoy your day and everyday after wish I was ther in 04 see u soon cam

Deana said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Bart! You were a beautiful bride.

Anonymous said...

He IS a good guy, married to a good lady. You have proven what love can overcome. It gives us such comfort, at this sad time, to know that you are in love and happy. Happy Anniversary, sweet Heather.
Love, Cynde

Terena said...

Happy Anniversary! I feel the same way about my hubby, married 11 years. We've grown together through thick and thin, our struggles bringing us closer to each other.

May your love continue to grow