Wednesday, August 4, 2010


People have asked for copies of readings and what the family wrote for Samantha's service. I will be posting things throughout the week.

This is what Hubby wrote for Samantha. They loved Dr. Seuss, so this is in Dr. Seuss style. It is his last bedtime story for her. He wrote the ending the way Samantha's life should have been.

P.S.- Hubby read this at the service....occasionally having to stop because "something was in his eye" he did a beautiful job. The love he has for his Bammers resonated through the church.


In the far away town of Sama Bamma Lome,

Heather the wonder was queen of a home.

A nice little place. It was Clean. It was Neat.

Plenty of water and plenty to eat.

One day Heather realized things weren’t quit right,

her belly started to grow, it was really a sight.

As time went on it was amazing and new,

that belly just kept growing, it grew, and grew and grew.

I mean, It was really huge!

In no time at all the mystery was ended,

Heather held in her arms something incredibly splendid.

I won’t leave you guessing it wasn’t a boy,

it was a girl of course, her name was Samantha, what a joy!

For Heather there was no time for bed,

there was much to do, Samantha needed to be fed.

With no delay Heather went straight to work,

using tools such as pumps, bottles and a fork.

As the months passed by,

Heather couldn’t be more happy,

she tended to Samantha

not once feeling crappy.

But as time continued on things didn’t seem right,

Samantha would eat but threw up every night.

In the beginning this actually was quite fun.

Heather would point her at people like she were a gun.

Grandpa got hit more then just once,

but he would laugh

then clean him self off

never acting like a Munce.

It didn’t take long for Heather to learn how to cope,

it wasn’t hard and gave her great hope.

The trick was patience after each feeding,

just hold Samantha straight up for an hour, while reading

Heather was clever and had everything solved.

It took many years but she had evolved,

into the one single mother that could handle it all;

always preventing even a hint of a squall.

Heather continued to work insuring Samantha was tended,

but unknown to her, troubles were far far from ended.

While Heather sat there so faithful and kind,

seizures from nowhere came sneaking behind.

Heather heard the effects!

She turned with a start.

Shocked as if there were three rifles

aimed straight at her heart.

Did she run?

She did not!

Heather stayed by her girl

even though her life was thrown into a whirl.

She held her head high and threw out her chest

she fought off those seizures,

she gave it her best.

The battle went on.

Sometimes her girl was quite ill.

She fought off the seizures

with a diet and pills.

Times could be scary

and frightening, its true.

But they found times to be happy,

living life through and through.

As Samantha got older

she became stronger and thrived.

Heather found ways to keep her healthy,

robust and alive.

In fact 14 years later,

Samantha was top of her grade.

She went on to be called Doctor,

and the best plans were laid.

Samantha found a cure

and things were much more pleasing.

No more shall we be sick!

No more shall we be seizing!

And it should be, it should be, it should be this way!

because Heather was determined

and fought every day!


The Henrys said...

That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Deana said...

"And it should be, it should be, it should be this way!

because Heather was determined

and fought every day!"

This is was a beautiful reading by Bart. Even with the "something in his eyes".

KWombles said...

((()))It should be. So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

Amanda said...

Bammers could not have been blessed with better parents!

Rebecca said...

I am so glad you posted this! I have been telling so many people about this story/poem.

Princess Abigail said...

that is so very cool. Samantha rules yeah yeah yeah! and so does groovy Heather yeah yeah yeah! And so does Samantha's funky papa!!!!(you have to pronounce all that with a French accent though). Missing your Princess so much ... a fabulous little girl who has left her precious fingerprint with all who knew her ... even across the pond .

MJ Morgan, Writer said...

Thank you for this, yes. Not only did Bart's love for his Bammers resonate throughout the church on Saturday, his love and respect for you as his wife and Samantha's mom was absolutely tangible.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, it should be, it should be, it should be

That way.

Amazing and heartbreaking and sobering and heartwarming. Thank you.