Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bad Hat

I have decided that instead of sitting around eating and drinking, perhaps it is better to participate in an activity and then eat and drink....better for the digestion.

Today was golf with Hubby, Dad and Cynde.

I pulled out a hat to protect my post ski-instructor skin and stared at myself in the mirror. The hat was pink; which is now my new favorite color but it had a smiley logo on the front.....Life is Good...


I stared at the cheerful life is good face before me; so very annoyed at the smiling nonchalant, never-had-a-care-in-the-world face.



The hat just stared back. The hat mocked me, Life is good my left pinky toe.

Oh come on. I said to the hat.

Well isn't it? The hat said back.

Hmmmm.....I can think of better...isn't it presumptuous to proclaim life is good all the time? Because it's is not good all of the time....sometimes life is sad, and confusing, and really, not very good at all.....crappy, even.

Not so sure about that, I'm just a hat; doing my hat thing, sitting in the drawer.....not so sure about life-statements because underneath I am only cotton..... donning a cute, cheerful quote. Doesn't it make you feel better to know this hat thinks life is good?

And pulled me out of the drawer. Who's talking to who here? May I mention, once again....I'm a hat.

The hat grinned back at me again.

Stupid, cheerful hat.

I decided I didn't need the hassle. I put the hat back in the drawer and pulled out my J. Crew fishing hat...

Because life is fish....or something like that.

For Sale: One pink Life is Good hat with an attitude.


Deana said...

Yes, life is fish...that sounds like a great book title. Love you friend.

ferfischer said...

I agree with Deana! Stupid, hat, indeed. :)

Rebecca said...

Fish - smelly, slippery, a touch of oil spill?, but they can be beautiful, tasty and good for you. is fish.

Amanda said...

I'll buy that hat...betting that I can sell it back to you someday, in time my friend.

Lauren said...

I have the same pink hat, with the smiley face. I wore it once, and decided it had to go. I needed the hat that said "Life Is Crap!" Now my favorite hat is my Tommy Bahama hat, that I bought while visiting my best friend in Palm Springs, CA. Just find a new hat, that has a new great memory.

MJ Morgan, Writer said...

You did the right thing. It is fitting to have a zero tolerance to hat back-talk.

Terry said...

I'll take it! I am giving up a very faded Old Navy cap with lots of perspiration and dried paint on it. It tells me, "Life is a lot of sweat equity, but worth every single salty drop." I washed it yesterday, but its charming "been-used-a-lot" character remains. I like that about it! I've been looking for a "Life is Good" hat, 'cuz overall, it is...let me know when you're ready to sell!