Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's hard to be sad

It's hard to be sad when you wake up and the donations to your Courage Classic team are up to $2,100.00!

It's hard to be sad when your daughter greets you in the morning with a big, gummy smile and a slobbery cuddle.

It's hard to be sad when you walk a labyrinth with good friends, the mountains in the background and a breeze against your skin.

It's hard to be sad when you think gratefully of how far you've come.

It's hard to be sad when the day starts with good thoughts from good friends and a lovely tin of frog magnets :)

Today our son Jack would have been five. Today our son was stillborn at 41 weeks. The day of his 'birth' has always been a sad, bittersweet day.....Today I became a mom. Today I lost a child.

As the years have evolved however, this day has become more of a day of remembrance than mourning.

Today is a day that I am reminded to take nothing for granted.

I am reminded that even in your darkest hour, you will laugh again.

And although that first laugh sounds foreign and somewhat inappropriate, the next one will come a little easier and the one after that.

And you never forget....but as time goes by, remembering isn't so hard.

Happy Birthday Jack.


Deana said...

I hope your day continues to be one of peaceful remembering...and a lot more of those gummy smiles and slobbery cuddles from Samantha.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Jack. Smile on Samantha!

Amanda said...

Big milestone girlfriend...Happy Birthday Jack!

Mr Lonely said...

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KWombles said...

Thank you for sharing both your loss and your gratitude for what you have. ((())) I hope that the rest of the day was a sweet, blissful day for you.

Princess Abigail said...

Happy Birthday Jack.

And Happy Anniversary Heather.

Your eternal cheerfulness is contagious and inspiring.

Thank you.

Give Princess Sam an extra big snog from the Bernard Bunch ok???