Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Can PICC Your Friends.....You can PICC Your Nose

Samantha's PICC line was taken out today. Her PICC (otherwise known as a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) has been in her arm for seven weeks. Usually PICs are accessed for about 30 days so seven weeks was getting a little long.

Perhaps it was time....

I have bittersweet feelings about the PICC. It's a direct line into her superior vena cava....if it gets infected it could turn into a blood infection and the line has to be flushed every night to keep things flowing correctly. You can't get the site wet so a proper bath hasn't happened....for seven weeks.


On the other hand, we have accessed it many, many times this Spring. It's been so nice not to have to place an IV when she's sick, to be able to hook her up to IV meds when she's seizing and to run blood tests when her lipase is through the roof.

To PICC or not to PICC?

Samantha isn't sick. She doesn't need it (currently) so our fabulous Dr. E made the call.....Pull the PICC.

After knocking on a couple wood cabinets and an assurance that she is healthy, I too decided it was time to pull it.

Samantha seems to be happy with her arm back. She's looking good isn't she?

Here's pre-pull and the entry to the line.

Post pull with only a band-aid!

I love it when we get to remove tubes and lines. Another little baby step on the road to recovery.

knock, knock, knock on wood :)


Deana said...

Knocking on wood with you...and yes she does look good!

Lowrie said...

Or as they say here in the United Kingdom -- "Touch wood!"

So, you knock and we'll touch. . .and she does look great!!

Now, we need to work on her Poppa!

MJ Morgan, Writer said...

I'd say this "tiny baby step" is a bit of a joyous leap! Congrats all around.

Maria Hopfgarten said...

So happy it is out!!! She looks darling!
Have fun this weekend!
Love, Maria.

The Henrys said...

She looks great and I love her stick up hair! Both of my kids had stick up hair and I loved it!

I'll knock on wood for you too!

Rebecca said...

She looks wonderful! She looks older to me somehow.

Big hugs from us! Please tell her we have a few new Fureal dog toys to show her, the new one walks...well rolls.

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