Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bad Wife

I abandon my husband today.

On Father's Day of all days.

I kissed his cute head goodbye at 5:00 this morning and didn't come home until 2:30.

When I did come home, I was stinky and cranky. I took a shower and a two hour nap. Needless to say,
I had a great Father's Day!

Today I plopped my hiney on a bike for 62 miles or what is now called a
metric century....sounds better than 62 miles doesn't it? More impressive.....say it metric century...ohhhh

My stepdad, good friends and I rode the Mile High Century Ride and it was fabulous; LONG and I have a lot of work to do before the Courage Classic but it was great, great to get out.

Jim, Heather and Jonathon kicked my butt. I actually let them kick my butt because it's Father's Day and everything.

Not really, I am a tad doughy.

When we finished, I felt the all-too familiar internal pull to head home and check on my family. But when I got there I found them playing in the living room, watching the US Open, perfectly happy and just fine without mom.

I asked hubby if he had a good Father's Day, just him and Samantha, no events, no plans, reading the paper, drinking coffee, sitting on the couch and watching golf.

He said he had a great Father's Day.

Hmmmm....I guess hubby needs a little
me time too, go figure.

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