Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Words

I am a talker....

After Samantha, I am a bit of a control freak.....

Today was very important to hubby and to myself. Today we went with hubby's family to spread his dad's ashes.

This event has been in the planning for a while but the details have never been sorted out.

So I would bother hubby....about the spreading of his dad's ashes...

"Where are we going to do this?"

"Are we going to say something when we do this?"

"Should I have something prepared?"

So on and so on....

It was driving me crazy that we didn't know what we were going to do and what we were going to say. This was important....words should be said...and I was uneasy that there no details...therefore more words should be said.

But you know what happened today?

Despite not really having a plan, all 19 of us drove to Morrison and found a secluded place by Bear Creek.

There were no words.

Everyone came up and took a handful of ash, thought their own private thought, and tossed a bit in the river.

Some people kissed their hand that held the ash,

some people looked to see the direction of the wind,

some got close to the water,

some held them high up to the sun.

We all said 19 different ways.

We all watched the beautiful, volatile, river carrying a life to a different place; beautiful, volatile life.

I have never felt closer to this family and yet there were no words.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Heather. I know how much this event has been on your mind, how much you loved Ralph, how much you wanted this to be a meaningful experience. I'm so happy it turned out to be a lovely day. And I'm so happy you are willing to share what you learned, in such a thoughtful way, which allows Ralph's life to resonate even more. Sometimes just letting things come to life on their own is the most powerful step we can take, and I appreciate that you reminded me of that in such a beautiful way.
Love, Cynde

Terena said...

it sounds absolutely beautiful and perfect.

Maria Hopfgarten said...

Love, Maria.

redheadmomma said...

that is breathtakingly beautiful.