Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ah-Choo!!!! By Samantha

Mama is sick....

Daddy is sick....

Nonnie is sick....

Auntie Poling is sick....

Seems there might be something in the air.

I guess when we were in the hospital and I would cough or sneeze (usually in someone's face), no one gave a thought to getting sick. Everyone just cheered "That's it Samantha! Get that nasty stuff out!"

It's kinda nice that everyone puts my health as number one priority! But it's sad that my naughty virus has infected my peeps.

Grandma Judi is NOT sick. This is a good thing because Grandma Judi spent Sunday at our house cleaning and planting tomatoes.

Mama's quite grateful because Tuesday was spent in our spic and span house, on the couch.

Mama was not on her 'A' game. In fact I would give her a 'C-'.

Today Mama is feeling better and managed to rally a bit. She needs to rally because Grandma Lyn (Daddy's Mom) is here to visit! I only get to see Grandma Lyn about once a year so this time is very special.

Come on Mama! Blow that nose, take a Day-Quil and let's get going!


Shauna Quintero said...

Get well soon, Samantha's family!

If it's any consolation, Christian's mommy is achoo-ing, too.

Sniffling as she types.

Feel better. <3

Deana said...

Have fun with your Grandma Lyn! And get Mama and Daddy feeling better too!

Anonymous said...

You're right sweet girl. We were all focused on getting you to feel better and it is so wonderful to know that you're home taking good care of your parents. Give Grandma Lyn a hug for us and tell her we're looking forward to celebrating her birthday. Love, Nonnie

Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear you all are so sick. That same bug hit our house too. It is nasty and so unfair to get sick in the spring time.

Feel better soon!