Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Every Party Needs a Pooper

Discharge day from the hospital is a party....

Whooo Hooo!!! We are outta here!!!

Emails are sent, family is called and bags are packed. Everything is planned in anticipation of being able to spend precious time at home.

Home....where you can pee without worrying who will walk in. Brush your teeth without being interrupted and spend time in a room bigger than 20' x 15.

Home is good.

And I'm a big fan of a party.

So today, when we got the okay to go home and to plan the discharge party, it was so very disappointing to put the
kibash on it all.

But somewhere in the last 24 hours, our smiley girl became a little peanut who was still in a lot of pain and when I woke her up and got her ready to go home, this became very obvious to me. She still has a lot of belly distress and perhaps we started her feeds too soon.

When Samantha started to show signs of distress, I insisted on a lipase test which indicates pancreatic health. Her lipase is now at 777, meaning we are moving in the wrong direction....up instead of down. Samantha was taken off her feeds and put back on I.V. fluids.

So tonight we postpone the discharge party.

It's okay. I would rather postpone than host a party we aren't ready for.

But it's tough to be the party
pooper....tell the doctors to slow things down....insist that she is not ready to go home when really all I want to do is go home, have a meal fixed in my kitchen, put my daughter to bed in her room and cuddle next to my husband.

Ugh, to be the responsible grown-up....so very overrated.


MJ Morgan, Writer said...

Overrated, indeed. Hugs to each of you; the party will hold.

Shauna Quintero said...

Yeah, it sucks not to be having a welcome home party. But you know what's best. And if your baby girl is not feeling well, Mama knows.

I hope she's better soon!

Makenzies Miracle said...

I am so sorry!!! It is hard to want something so bad but know it is just not the right thing! I hope Samatha gets to feeling better very soon!!!

ferfischer said...

oh bah! I feel terrible for not getting out there and bringing you guys lunch or something. I've been trying to squeeze in time, and have been pretty unsuccessful so far! Well, I hope you're home soon. And for the record, Cici would pull this stuff too - we thought we'd be ready, and then she wasn't. In the end, we got sent home anyway because our insurance said so - even though both of us weren't ready. And what are you saying? That you don't like living in a hospital room? Crazy talk that is.

Deana said...

Get better little Samantha!!!! I'm sorry you were on your way out and had to stay, but you Mama knows best...and I'm glad you checked before heading home.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your comment today over at Hopeful Parents. I am new to your blog and so look forward to reading about your life with your beautiful little girl. I hope she is better soon and that you're able to go home! Blessings to you --