Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch- Pics by Sammers

Mama took me to a pumpkin patch!

I think this one is quite nice

She then insisted we ride the train

Whatever makes Mama happy

Quite a nice day in the heart of NoCo!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these photos--you and your daughter are so beautiful. She is looking healthy and full of vigor--I'm assuming that school is going well? I may be working full-time again but that doesn't mean I can't get away for a lunchy---wishing you a happy Fall my friend...


Misty said...

i found your blog through p2p colorado! i am misty, i live in southern CO.. my son's name is Mason and has CdLS. i have enjoyed reading about samantha and looking at her photos! what a cutie! just wanted to leave a message and let you know i stopped by! :) (i plan to 'follow' you if you don't mind)

:) your blog rocks ;)