Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Needs of my Fans....By Samantha

We have had an international request for more pictures! I keep telling my Mama that she has to keep my fans and their needs in mind...but she doesn't listen. So I'm taking over. Here is the life of Samantha; or at least the last week or two :)

Here I am with something very important to anyone listening? Anyone?

Mama and Me....notice how I look ready for a snooze and Mama looks positively wired. Welcome to my life.

Kisses from my daddy. This is a common occurance which I must endure.

See what I mean?

Pensive on the playground....

Mama's favorite, favorite pic....can you blame her?


Princess Abigail said...

Oh my GOODNESS Big Sam!
Those photos SOOOO make me want to be there with you! You are so cuddly, irresistible, and quite simply SPLENDID! You MUST thank your Mama so much for sharing a bit of you like that! Do you realise how much you have grown? You got so big!!! And you got it sussed babes, you got the right colour hair ... first class!

Every time my Mama reads your blog, she laughs out loud. Usually very loudly. I suspect your Mama and mine have off-the-wall-ness and overdrive in common.

Samantha, I am so happy you shared these photos with me!!!!

ALL my love fellow Princess


Deana said...

What sweet pictures! I was curious what the strap around her chair and swing you were using.

Is it an adult back brace?

MonsterMax's Mom,