Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tis the Season

Thanksgiving is over. I like Thanksgiving. No gifts, no long lines, a nice four-day weekend, the day revolves around food, ends with pie and reflections of gratitude.

What am I grateful for? I thought about this all day. I didn't want to be cheesey or ordinary. I am very grateful for friends and family but I think you all know that....if not, here it is.....I am grateful and thankful that I have you in my life!!

So, I spent the day thinking about what typical things in my day made me grateful. Here's my top ten.....

#10. The person in front of me at Starbucks bought my venti, non-fat vanilla latte'....ohhhhhhhh....what a way to start the day!!!!

#9. There was no one behind me in the Starbucks line (okay, yes I will pay it forward and buy someone else their coffee later but it didn't have to do it today.)

#8. Heather M. and I ran the Thanksgiving Run

#7. Heather M. and I finished the Thanksgiving Run

#6. My hubbie watched Samantha while I ran

#5. Samantha got her PIC line out

#4. We had a great Thanksgiving with good friends

#3. The Mannings cooked....go Mannings!

#2. I sat on the couch patting my belly and watching the Incredibles

#1. Seizure free, good, good day for all of us

Twas a good day focused on the good. Imagine if I did this everyday....what about TODAY makes me grateful. Everyday would be Thanksgiving....if I could only manage to put pie into the equation :)

Happy Holidays!


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Princess Abigail said...

Samantha got her PIC line out !!!!

Wow, way to go lil girl!

You are one heck of a star!

You and your Mama both SO deserve the award I just gave you on my blog! Go pick it up quick!!!