Saturday, November 1, 2008

To the Dude Who Stole My Beer

We have good friends who have been wonderful to us during our (many) times of need.

The last time we were in the hospital for an extended period, our friend Susan whipped up a dinner of pork roast, roasted root veggies, gnocci and gave it to Bart to bring down to the hospital.....mmmmmmmm gnocci. This time Susan gave Bart yummy homemade chili. MMMMMMMM....chili.

To sweeten the deal, Susan's husband works for New Belgian. A local brewery that makes fabulous beer Susan brought Bart a six pack of wheat beer to go along with our tasty chili. YUMMMMMEERRRRSSS!!! Hurry Bart! Get to Denver with the chili and beer!!!

The beer was placed in the community frig until it was time to head down. At 5:00 Bart went to collect our goodies. Much to his dismay.......our fabulous chilled beer was gone....stolen out of the refrigerator....gone....I am now very sad.

So, Mr. Beer have THREE bad karma strikes against you!

1. You stole our beer
2. You stole our GOOD beer
3. I don't use this one very often but I'm going to! You stole beer from parents of child who is in the HOSPITAL!!! FIE! FIE! FIE Mr. Beer Stealer! 3 bad karma strikes!

Okay, I'm done. Otherwise we're doing well. Samantha's nasty ear is drying up and we're working on a discharge plan. Keep your fingers crossed!



Princess Abigail said...

Sending out the BAD vibes to nasty Mr (or Mrs) Beer thief.

Would you like some French Beer shipped out by DHL to compensate????

Amanda aka Taz said...

Who the hell steals beer??? Now a a high school kid, maybe...adults at the hospital, BOOOOOO! Hopefully you got a cold one anyways. Miss you guys, hope to see you soon.