Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sammers Ear

Yesterday Samantha and I spent the afternoon at TCH. She had a CT scan on her ear to make sure the infection in the bone was clearing up.

And the good news.....YES! The pockets of infection are getting smaller and it looks like the antibiotics are working. Which hopefully means no surgery and that Samantha gets to keep her mastiod bone.

On another good note, Samantha's med schedule has been changed from six hours to eight hours which means we don't have to get up at 2 am to give IV drugs. This new schedule makes the Schichtel household a happier place!

Samantha is doing really well. She is interactive, cuddly and stronger than she's been in months. This improvement makes us think that the infection has been brewing for a while. We'll work with Infectious Disease to map out a long-term plan to keep Sammers healthy.

Oh, and Samantha says to sign her guest book! The latest is from our favorite monkey. All the way from Seattle! He's a very cosmopolitan monkey. We love you Mr. Spankey!


Princess Abigail said...

oh boy that is such good news! You've had quite a tough time of that ear infection little girl, thank goodness that seems to be behind you now! Its so nice to know you are feeling better and bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Sam, would you tell your Mama that I'm very sorry her 'Obama' suggestion didn't get included in the Canary vote ... Mama didn't see the suggestion until too late ... which is a shame cos she REALLY liked the suggestion! We will be getting a little female for 'Banana' soon ... maybe we will call her Michelle!!! Tee Hee Hee!

Take care lil girl and keep up the good work - you are a star!

Abigail and Mama

Amanda aka Taz said...

Hooray Sammers! We miss you, we'll dine soon.