Thursday, October 30, 2008

Squeek, Squeek

That's my wheel.....and yes by being so squeeky, we did get a little greese. I burned my Polyanna pants yesterday and decided no more nice Mom. I am pleased to say it got some results!

As a compromise between staying a med course that wasn't working and doing evasive ear surgery, we decided to culture her ear once again and see what else grew. Staph grew immediately, which we knew about but we're waiting to see what other nasties are in there and then probably add another antibiotic.

Infectious Disease is now leading treatment direction which I feel very good about. Our head doc, Dr. Todd discovered the relationship between tampons and toxic shock syndrome back in the day. He's responsible for that little warning on the side of every box (I apologize to my male audience for bringing up the 'T' word). So, I feel like we have the smarties on the team.

Other good news, Samantha's triglyceride count was 10,000 yesterday....yes 10,000. People were lining up to pull her off the ketogenic diet. I asked to have it re-run and it's 1,600. Yes, I know, screamin' artery-hardening high but actually acceptable for such a high-fat diet.

That's all the news. No word on when were going home. I raised such a stink about being discharged with a sick child that I'm afraid to ask when we can leave. HA!

Love to you all-
Heather and the gang

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