Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Samantha the Mermaid

Rub a Dub Dub....I like the Hot Tub....I think

Pops shoulder and a hot tub...life is good!

I'm Queen of the World!

My Mother is a Floating Head

So it's an interesting thing....after these pictures were taken, Samantha had a week of seizures that were really hard to control. We ended up in the emergency room the next Saturday. You can kind of tell that she's not on her 'A' game but she's still hanging in there. She's a tough little fishie!


Princess Abigail said...

Darling Lil Sam

you have NO idea how smitten the Bernard Bunch is with you.

you are SO a fellow Princess.

We love you heaps Lil girl!

Alison and Co

Princess Abigail said...

You know what?

We just want to say it all over again.

Samantha, you are beautiful. We love everything about you. And we are so smitten with these photos!

We feel like we know you! (ok, just a weeney bit!)

All our snogs

The Bernard Bunch

KatieK said...

I was happy to see some new pictures of sweet Sam...and her Mommy, Daddy, and that crazy Pops of hers too! :) I'm sorry to hear that Samantha had a rough week with of seizures. I hope that things are back under control again.

We think of you guys so so often. Wish we lived closer so I could meet your precious girl in person. And, of course I'd love to see you guys too. Maybe we could catch up over a bottle of wine, and reminisce with stories from our time together in Breckenridge. Ah the good ol' days! :)

Sending a big hug to sweet Sam! Love to all of you!!

Katie Kerckhove

Princess Abigail said...

Hey Sam ... would you tell your Mama to hurry up and update your blog, please? We want to see lots of pix of how you are doing!!

Huge snogs to you and your Mama