Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Samantha is two years old today! YAY Sam!

We said goodbye to the first year last night in the Emergency Room. Samantha had a series of seizures this week. Last night we realized it was a urinary tract infection causing her problems. Not wanting her to have a bad birthday, we loaded her into the car last night to 'nip this in the bud' so to speak.

As the clock ticked towards midnight I became really antsy. Samantha cannot start her second birthday in the hospital. She just can't. We needed to be out before midnight. I parked myself in the hallway with my arms crossed staring the nurses down. Finally at 11:45, we were sent home with antibiotics and discharge papers. Whew!

Today Samantha is sleeping comfortably (still) upstairs. She missed her pool-playdate birthday celebration but seems no worse for the wear. I however, am stuck with 36 birthday cupcakes. Come on by if your blood sugar is low.

The urinary tract infections defined our first year. As I sat in the E.R. telling the doc that I would like to cath her instead of the nurse because I "know where the goods are" I felt it ironic that we were here four hours before her birthday. Ah, what we learn in a year. I told Samantha that as we say goodbye to one year tonight, we are also saying goodbye to these nasty UTI's....let's hope her bladder listens.

Happy, happy birthday to beautiful, complex, determined, life-changing Samantha! We love you.


breemunger said...

Happy Birthday,Sam! Wishing you many more years without those dreaded UTI's! What special parents you have!

Princess Abigail said...

Bon anniversaire Sam! The Bernard Bunch te souhaite une sante d'enfer pour l'annee a venir!

Nikki said...

Happy Belated Birthday Samantha - I think that your forever birthday gifts is that you been blessed with amazing parents!

Princess Abigail said...

Hey Sam the Bernard Bunch is getting impatient for more news and photographs! How are you doing! Tell your Mama and Papa to post some updates soon ok? We love to see how you are doing!
A bientot!
of the Bernard Bunch
in France